APRIL 4, 2021

Early registration discount opportunity!

2021 N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon is set on April 4, 2021. Yet the excitement has already started with early registration discount opportunity! The race is calling you to take the early registration chance that will last until the end of 2020.
Be an early bird and register for just €45 and start winning even before the start!
Hurry up to get your place on the course of N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon that will be run with limited number of runners in 21K, 10K and 21K skate categories. Quota for the race is already half full due to the transferred registrations from the year 2020…
Visit our event page now and choose your category, take the chance to run N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon for just €45 in 2021!


In order to be on track at Istanbul Half Marathon, which will start on September 20, with LIMITED NUMBER of half marathon/21Krunners, you have two options:

Be one of the limited number of runners on Historical Peninsula track at Istanbul Half Marathon!

Choose your own track with the First Virtual Half Marathonof  Turkey, run the half marathon wherever you like   S  O  L  O   TOGETHER WITH US!


While we were preparing the activities with wide participation in the new normal period, we had to go into restrictions in categories and number of people in accordance with the criteria of “Covid-19 Mass Activities Guide” published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

From the number of people per square meter at the starting point to the arrangement in the waiting area, we would like to share with you the practices and decisions taken with each detail.

Virtual Run

If you want to run the First Virtual Half Marathon of Turkey register now and get your place on your track in this historic run by downloading our virtual run app, which will be available on Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS) as of September 1!

We will be sharing further technical info with you.

Charity Run

Charity run is a method of successful fundraising used to support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all over the world. With this half marathon that we have implemented as a charity run in cooperation with Adım Adım, you can collect donations for the NGO you wish and raise awareness by drawing attention to a social issue that you wish to be solved.

Become a Volunteer

Do you love this city? We love it too! That’s why we want to make İstanbul a more lovable place with sports events that include everyone. We need your support in the half-marathon that will be run in the Historic Peninsula of this city, where we devote ourselves. Just fill in the registration form to volunteer at the İstanbul Half Marathon!



Register now, start preparations and take part in the history of this unique peninsula.