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Unique Half Marathon in Historical Island

Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon by World Athletics, Raising the Historic Peninsula on Sunday, September 20, 2020 is among the top 8 Half Marathons in the world. This half marathon, consisting of 10k and 21k stages, will last 3 hours in the peninsula, which has a rooted history of 8 thousand years, is the healthiest way to show your love for Istanbul. We are waiting for all marathons of Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon.

Run for Good

Charity run is a method of successful fundraising used to support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all over the world. With this semi-marathon that we have implemented as a philanthropy run in cooperation with Adım Adım, you can raise donations for the NGO you want and draw attention to a social issue that you wish to be solved.

Skating Races

Skating enthusiasts will also be able to share Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon experience, which will have a magnificent view of the Historic Peninsula. You can get help or reward this year on the skating rink, which consists of 4 categories according to different age groups on 21K and 10K tracks. You must run in this amazing city!

Be Volunteer

Do you love this city? This is how we roll! That’s why we want to make Istanbul a more lovable place with sports events that cover everyone. We need your support in the half-marathon that will run in the Historic Peninsula of this city, where we set our hearts. Just fill in the registration form to volunteer at the Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon!


With Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, the runners will experience a unique course on the Historic Peninsula. Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, which will last for 3 hours in the peninsula, with a long history and a unique view of 8 thousand years, offers its runners the opportunity to make their best degrees with its route consisting of 10K and 21K stages and without altitude difference.

21K Course

World-famous athletes participated …

10K Course

You can push your limits …

Our sponsors who run with us to realize and develop Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon


Register now, start preparations and take part in the history of this unique peninsula.