April 4, 2021

Charity Run

Charity run is a method of successful fundraising used to support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all over the world. With this half marathon that we have implemented as a charity run in cooperation with Adım Adım you can collect donations for the NGO you wish and raise awareness by drawing attention to a social issue that you wish to be solved.

How can I raise funds in virtual run?

Although the system works almost the same way, there some steps that you need to follow in two different platforms. Let’s go over them step by step:

1- Create a profile by visiting Adım Adım website and open up a campaign by choosing a NGO.

2- Complete your registration before the quota is full and create a profile by downloading our virtual run application available on Play Store and App Store as of September 1.

3- Start promoting your campaign and raising funds in guidance of Adım Adım and NGO of your choice, 2 weeks before the organization.

4- Complete your track within the virtual run time (September 19-20), save your run in virtual run app and continue raising funds by sharing your results.

Are you ready to run for kindness proudly with Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon?

Click to see NGOs that you can support in cooperation with Adım Adım.

The amount of donations made to associations and foundations in the Vodafone 41st İstanbul Marathon n just one run 

The number of active associations and foundations (NGOs) that receive donations/prepare to receive donations to raise funds through charity runs in Turkey

The number of registered volunteer runners of Adım Adım as of December 2019. The number is increasing day by day.