N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon

April 4, 2021

N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon


We are so excited to be on track with you on the morning of September 20!

Our only aim is for our runners to come to the start point with full trust on the morning of September 20th and to ensure that they only enjoy running in the Historic Peninsula.

While making preparations for the well-attended organizations in the New Normal Period, we had to limit the number of people attending due to the Mass Gathering COVID-19 Guide published by World Health Organization (WHO) at the Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon. From the number of people per square meter at the starting point to the arrangement in the waiting area, we are aiming to finish the half marathon with 2,500 Half Marathon/21K runners!

Are you WITH US in this run?

In order to be on track at Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, which will start on September 20, with LIMITED NUMBER of half marathon/21K runners, you still have chance: WE RE-OPENED REGISTRATIONS! Yet, you should be quick to be on track with us, before the quota is full.