March 27-28, 2021

The preparation period of 2021 N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon has turned out to be a big challenge along with COVID-19 precautions. The decision of limiting the number of runners, in order not to put any of our runners’ health to risk, does not mean that we may not spread the spirit of this half marathon to great masses! Thus, we decided to organize the largest virtual run ever held in Turkey for the runners who really want to run 21K at N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon.

21K Virtual Run

You can run the half marathon virtually on a track that you enjoy the most and that you claim to be yours. Your track can be your district, a park close to your house or an athletics track. You can run this virtual half marathon   s  o  l  o   anywhere that you can say “it is #mytrack”. All you need to do is to open up virtual run app and finish your 21K run anywhere you like between March 27-28.

10K Virtual Run

You like running so much, yet you may not be ready to run 21K… This does not prevent you to attend the run: 10K virtual run category of N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon is just for you! You can challenge yourself and share this thrill anywhere in world with 10K virtual run. Thus, you can raise fund to support any non-governmental organizations (NGOs) you like with charity run.