N Kolay İstanbul Half Marathon

March 27, 2022

N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon Skate Race

We reopened 21K Skating category upon heavy request! Skating enthusiasts will take their place on the course in the İstanbul Half Marathon to be run at the fascinating view of the Historical Peninsula course. Paten category will be the first group who starts the run first and finish the half marathon by crossing the finish line first!

*Because of the pandemic, drafting (skating behind one another) is not allowed. Each athlete should skate on their own. Athletes violating this rule will be disqualified.


Kit Distribution

Detailed information regarding kit distribution will be shared on registered e-mail addresses, on https://www.istanbulyarimaratonu.com/ website and our social media channels.

Registration Cancellation

As our service processes start from the moment of registration; registration cancellation, postponement or refund will not be made, but you can choose one of the options below:​

  • Even if you do not participate, you can take your race package that you are entitled from the distribution point.
  • You can transfer your registration to someone else for the same event (You can send Republic of Turkey ID Number of the person to whom you want to transfer to info@spor.istanbul.)


Race T-shirt

Your race t-shirt will be delivered with your race kit. No request should be made during registration except for your t-shirt size.

Electronic Timing Chip

All participants who register at the Race Kit Distribution area will be given recyclable Electronic Timing Chip which will measure their time during the race.

Do not forget to attach your chip which is distributed in race kits on the race day on your shoe and do not remove it from your shoe during the race. Timing of the runners without a chip cannot be measured.

It is emphasized that you should not exchange chips with other runners as chips are matched with your credentials.

Do not cross the chip carpets on the start line, within the course and on the finish line twice. This would cause that your time is measured wrong.

Do not enter any part of the course again for any reason after you cross the finish line. Since the system will measure you chip again, your time will be revised according to the last time you cross the carpet.

How to use chip?

Please click on the link the learon how to tie the chip to your shoe; 


Chest Race Number

Information regarding distribution of chest numbers will be announced later.

The chest number you receive is only for you and the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon organization. Do not copy or replace this number with other participants.

If you give or change your chest number to someone else, your rating will be void as you would have violated the race rules.

 CAUTION: Giving/changing chest number with another runner will cause that both runners are disqualified.

In order to leave your bag in the item tent, do not forget to put your “bag label” which bears the same number as your chest number which is delivered to you in race kit in the pocket in front of your bag.

Your chest number should be on your chest during the race.

You should wear your chest number in a visible way in order that official photographers of Vodafone İstanbul Half Marathon can take your pictures and you can access your photographs.

Do not forget to put on the timing chip, which is delivered together with your chest number and measures your running time, before the race.

For quicker response in case of any health problem, please fill in the information requested from you behind your chest number completely.


Race Day Program
Scater’s Numbers Entrance to the Area Dressing and Delivery of Goods Through the Start Start
P – Paten 07:00 07:20 08:00 08:15-08:20
Paten Numaralar CUT OFF 5K CUT OFF 10K CUT OFF 15K CUT OFF 20K END TIME 20,3K
P – Paten 08:45 09:10 09:35 10:00 10:05
The above times are estimated. According to the athlete’s exit time, the time limit for Skating is 1 hour 45 minutes.
10K Runners Numbers Entrance to the Area Dressing and Delivery of Goods Through the Start Start CUT OFF    5K CUT OFF 10K
B – 101-500 07:00 07:30 08:20 08:20-08:30 09:15 10:00
C – 501-1000 07:10 07:40 08:30 08:30-08:40 09:25 10:10
D – 1001-1500 07:20 07:50 08:40 08:40-08:50 09:35 10:20
E – 1501-2000 07:30 08:00 08:50 08:50-09:00 09:45 10:30
F – 2001-2500 07:40 08:10 09:00 09:00-09:10 09:55 10:40
G – 2501-3000 07:50 08:20 09:10 09:10-09:20 10:05 10:50
The above times are estimated. According to the athlete’s exit time, the time limit for Skating is 1 hour 45 minutes.
21K Runners Numbers Entrance to the Area Dressing and Delivery of Goods Through the Start Start
A – 1 – 100 08:00 08:30 09:50   10:00
H – 3001-3500 08:00 08:30 09:50 10:01-10:10
I – 3501-4000 08:10 08:40 10:10 10:10-10:20
J – 4001-4500 08:20 08:50 10:20 10:20-10:30
K – 4501-5000 08:30 09:00 10:30 10:30-10:40
L – 5001-5500 08:40 09:10 10:40 10:40-10:50
M – 5501-6000 08:50 09:20 10:50 10:50-11:00
N – 6001-6500 09:00 09:30 11:00 11:00-11:10
P – 6501-7000 09:10 09:40 11:10 11:10-11:20
21K Runners Numbers CUT OFF 5K CUT OFF 10K CUT OFF  15K CUT OFF 20K FINISH 21,1K
A – 1 – 100 11:00 11:50 12:40 13:30 13:40
H – 3001-3500 11:00 11:50 12:40 13:30 13:40
I – 3501-4000 11:10 12:00 12:50 13:40 13:50
J – 4001-4500 11:20 12:10 13:00 13:50 14:00
K – 4501-5000 11:30 12:20 13:10 14:00 14:10
L – 5001-5500 11:40 12:30 13:20 14:10 14:20
M – 5501-6000 11:50 12:40 13:30 14:20 14:30
N – 6001-6500 12:00 12:50 13:40 14:30 14:40
P – 6501-7000 12:10 13:00 13:50 14:40 14:50
The above times are estimated. According to the athlete’s exit time, the time limit for 21K is 3 hours 30 minutes.
Race Time Limit

Time limit is 1:30 hours for half marathon skating athletes. The entire race course is opened for traffic as of 12:00. Runners who did not complete the race course on this time may continue running on the sidewalk.


Your position at the start line, how further back you are from the start line does not affect your measurement. Your race time starts to be measured on the moment you cross the chip carpet.

Direction Line

Half Marathon chest number colour will be lilac and you will follow the red direction line on the race course.

Hour and Km. Marks

Digital watches will be located at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 21.1st kilometres along the race course and show the minute of the race. In addition, there will be visible kilometre marks on each kilometre.

Water and Sponge Stations
There will be water stations on the race course at 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th km.

Public and portable toilets will be available at various points along the race course. The toilet points will be indicated by the directions for easy access of the runners

Item Tent

Please fill in the information required on the back of your bag number and put it on your bag. Number should be on your bag before the race. If you do not deliver bags, please don’t use that number.

Only bags given to athletes by the organizing committee are accepted to the Safekeeping Item Tents; other bags, plastic bags and items are not accepted for security reasons.

Race Bags Security Check

Within the scope of security measures, all bags will be checked by metal detectors by security officers. Please follow the warnings of the staff



A medal is given at the finish line to all runners who finish the race within 1:30 hours.

Cup and Awards
It will be planned and announced later within pandemic rules how the awards will be given to the athletes who are ranked the highest.


Advices about your health during the Race Day
Be sure to have a healt control before the race. Those with respiratory tract and heart diseases should not participate in the race. Avoid alcoholic and acidic beverages and have breakfast early on the race morning. Always wear your sports shoes with socks. The cream you apply to your toes will prevent wounds that may occur after the race. In any health problem that occurs during the race, leave the race and seek help from the healthcare professionals. Important information: Do not participate if you have recently had a cold, flu or fever, vomiting or chest pain, or if you feel weak and unwell. You may face a serious risk on race day. In such a case, consider that the Istanbul Half Marathon will be held again next year, and choose to participate again next year.
Restriction about the Organization

N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon is a running organization, and it is not allowed to participate in the race with bicycles, motorcycles, skates or any other wheeled or wheelless vehicle and any kind of animal. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organizes different competitions and events for sports with such vehicles. Participants must come in appropriate sportswear for the organization.

All runners who are registered in any category of the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon to introduce visuals that represent any brand, association, organization, formation, other than the visuals such as t-shirts, balloons, flags, etc. distributed by sponsor companies as giveaways. , it is strictly forbidden to display. Legal action is initiated against individuals and institutions whose behavior is detected.


The sponsors that run with us for N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon